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Domestic Violence

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Work towards a positive future


Seek an end to violence and abusive behaviors within the home with Precious Cargo's 26 week Batterer Intervention Program. While intervention cannot guarantee that abuse and violence will stop, it is an important step in the right direction.




State Certified Counseling

Following the Duluth standards and guidelines for batterer intervention programs, Precious Cargo offers counseling, guidance and help in order to create a better future for families as well as communities. Accredited and certified according to state guidelines, Precious Cargo will help victims and perpetrators alike move forward.


Community Support

As a non-profit organization, Precious Cargo's goal is to inspire and promote positive energy in order to assist families suffering from domestic violence and abuse. Find the resources necessary to move forward with your life and work towards a brighter and better future for you and those you love.


Approved by the MCADSV

All program practices follow standards and guidelines set forth by the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence. Battery and abuse is a community issue and as such, Precious Cargo works to educate and assist community members in order to better serve the families victimized by violence within their own home.



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