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Drug & Alcohol Screening

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Find the positive in your life

As a parent, your goal is to protect your child as much as possible. When familial disputes or court mandated visitations complicate matters, find help from a trusted, and state registered service when you call Precious Cargo.


At Precious Cargo, we strive to inspire and promote positive energy to the families in need of assistance through a struggling time.



Protection from Allegations

During a dispute within a family, tempers can flare and disagreements can escalate. Avoid false accusations and further complications with monitored visitation and mediation. Let Precious Cargo help your family through a tough time and prevent your child or children from being caught in the middle.


On-site Screening

Keep your child away from a potentially harmful situation. As a state registered mediator, Precious Cargo can prove or disprove any accusations regarding drug and alcohol use at the time of a supervised visit. Prevent a situation from deteriorating and ensure your child is protected as much as possible from an unpleasant experience.






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