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The LoLa House Welcomes You

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LoLa House

Our Mission

The mission of Precious Cargo Transitional Living “LoLa House” is a non-institutional approach that will assist female victims of domestic violence and their children by establishing and maintaining a facility which will provide a safe environment for them to learn life skill, receive counseling, vocational training and to facilitate the movement to permanent housing with-in a 6 to 18 month period.


Program Snap Shot:

Once enrolled in the program, New Ground residents work with case managers to complete an Independent Living Plan (ILP). The ILP helps identify individual goals including life skills, employment, education, and permanent housing. Residents must meet with their case manager at least once a week. Residents who are unemployed or interested in finding a different job will meet with an employment specialist that assists with resume building, job searches, interview preparation, and goal setting.

Residents are required to pay a security deposit. If a resident is unable to pay the deposit, a payment plan will be established. Residents are required to pay 30% of their income in rent, which teaches skills in budgeting and saving money for housing expenses while establishing a rental payment history to assist clients in obtaining permanent housing upon program graduation. Residents are required to perform 32 hours a week of active participation toward goals that promote self-sufficiency. This time must correspond with current goals set with the case manager. Some activities that count toward the 32-hour productivity requirement include employment, GED/high school/college classes, job searching, submitting housing applications, volunteering, and life skills classes.

Residents are also required to attend house meetings. These are typically evening meetings, up to four times per month, in which professionals and community members speak to the group about resources, programs, and life skills/parenting education. Some recent meeting topics include:

· Sexual Health Education & Family Planning

· Cultural Competency Workshop

· Cooking on a Budget

· Computer Training

· Arts and Crafts

· Leadership Development Series for women including: Building Bonds, Developing Powerful

Capacities, Identifying our Filters and Perspectives, Drama: The Cost and Payoff, Gremlins: Quieting

our Inner Critic, Communication, Credo and Commitment, Community and Completion

· Drug Prevention Education

· Basic Household Maintenance

· Financial Management & Budgeting

· Resource Connection

· Hygiene and Personal Care

· Self Defense

· Yoga / Meditation


The maximum length of stay for each program differs, but it varies between 6-18 months. Aftercare for

residents exiting the program is provided for at least one year, helping to reinforce skills, provide additional support and access to resources, and ensure stable, long-term housing for former residents.

Additionally, through this program we will continue to educational and community outreach programs that are intended to raise awareness, support, and educate the local community about domestic violence. Raise hope targets faith leaders, businesses, schools, and other organizations in the community. Awareness and education about domestic abuse improves the recognition of abuse and educates the community to react with appropriate responses.

Tammy Berg-Neuman Executive Director 

Mrs. Berg-Neuman is currently the Director and owner of Private Probation Service, LLC., this business was established in August 2006, currently has 17 employees which are all led by Mrs. Berg-Neuman. Because of the 10 years in this successful business she has gained significant experiences in the area of social community development and has an extensive out-reach with in the community. She is well respected in her community and participates in enrichment programs and hosts several community events with-in the social services area.

While serving her community and running a successful business, Mrs. Berg-Neuman has realized the critical need for transitional homes for survivors of domestic violence. Because of this critical need, Mrs. Berg-Neuman has established “Precious Cargo”, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that will servicewomen and children who are survivors of domestic violence and provide transportation/supervision for children who are currently involved with legal/custody issues. In her role as Executive Director, she will be responsible for all financial aspects, overall design, organization, and execution of the program. She will have regular meetings with the staff to discuss goal planning for each participant of the program.


LoLa Program Coordinator/Housing Manger

The program coordinator will assist the Executive Director and staff in the daily activities of the program. She will be in frequent communication with the case manager and outside consultants of the program. She will participate in monthly financial management meetings with the Executive Director. She will also be responsible for the programs policy and procedures manual and housing guidelines. She will manage and coordinate the program related workshops, vocational training sessions, and group activities. Her responsibility will also include daily housing management activities such as the food pantry, ground keeping schedule, participants assigned duties and managing the volunteers.


LoLa Administrative Assistant 

The LoLa Community Response Team administrative assistant will assist the Executive Director and project coordinator with daily activities of the program. She will answer phones, send out mailings and contact outside agency to schedule medical appointments, help with scheduled events. She will be responsible for ensuring the proper flow of participant’s confidential paperwork / adhering to program policies. She will process invoices and purchase orders.

LoLa will be at the mercy of Directors from sister transitional living projectors for advice and consulting.

Video Surveillance System

Due to the nature of Domestic Violence a video surveillance system is needed for the safety of the participants

their children and the staff. This system will be used to monitor the property of potential dangers.



Most of the food will be supplied by our large garden, chicken coops and goat products which will be maintained by the residents. However, we will need to supplement these items with other foods.

LoLa House Residential Services;  Adult/Children Care Management

The LoLa Case Manger will work directly with the Executive Direct and Program Coordinator. She will be

responsible for reviewing and accessing the applications for eligibility to the program. She will manage the intake process of the participants, which includes determining the needs of the participant and preparing a treatment plan. This includes but is not limited to; health care issues, substance abuse issues, child care needs, legal issues, financial issues, and career development opportunities. While assisting the participant she will communicate with outside agencies on the participant’s behalf.

LoLa Children Service Case Manager

The LoLa Case Manger will work directly with the Executive Direct and Program Coordinator. She will manage the intake process of the children in the program, which includes determining the needs of the participant and preparing a treatment plan. This includes but is not limited to; health care issues, substance abuse issues, child care needs, and educational needs. While assisting the participant she will communicate with outside agencies on the participant’s behalf.


It is imperative that our location have all the security necessary to keep our residents as safe as possible, therefore we are requesting fencing in the majority of our property.

Each apartment will accommodate up to 4 people therefore we can house up to 12 people per housing unit. Each house will be equipped with 2 bunk beds, small couch, small table, small washer and dryer and a microwave.

We have 7 acres with a large garden that will be maintained by the residents. The vegetables will be used for consumption and will be canned for future needs. This will teach the residents self- reliance; build self- esteem and cooperation techniques. Playground equipment will also be on site for the children to play on.

Chicken Coop

The property will have a chicken coop which will be maintained by the residents. The eggs will be used for consumption by the residents. There will be several goats on the property that will be cared for by the residents. The goat milk will be used for consumption, soap, and cheese.

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