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Supervised Visitation and CHILD SUPPORT 



 Ensure the safety of you and your family when you call Precious Cargo. Protect what matters the most

Your child or children are the most important aspect of your life. We will arrange and transport your child/children for supervised visitation, working with all parties included but not limited to spouses/grandparents/Case Workers, foster parents and all parties concerned. We ensure the safety of your family. Contact Precious Cargo for mediation and transportation help.


Mediation and Protection

With Precious Cargo, you can relax knowing your child is in a safe and comfortable environment while being supervised on all visits. Not only will your child be able to maintain a relationship with both parents, but you'll never have to worry about communication or interaction with anyone you are in conflict with.


Effective Communication

From detailed reporting, signed release information forms, and informed and cooperative staff, Precious Cargo will ensure the safety

of you and your child. Precious Cargo will act as a neutral third party to prevent your child or children from being put in the middle of any situation. We can even protect either spouse from false accusations


Transportation and Visitation

Make sure your child is comfortable in their own environment when you call Precious Cargo. Our professional team will transport your child to and from authorized adults, during a custody dispute or due to court ordered supervised visitation to prevent further conflict and to better assist all parties in coping with the new family dynamic.

All levels of requested services provide safety skills with our experienced staff.  

Supervised Visits: Observe and Report: 


Parent Coach/Aide: Assist with parenting skills, tools, and education.

Therapeutic Visit: Speciality visit for special circumstances






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